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Vine restaurant is an Italian restaurant located at Dembel City Center, a shopping area located at the center of the city. Dembel City Center is one of the first western-style shopping malls to open in Ethiopia.The mall offers a very convenient and secure parking space and you can check out the many stores inside the mall before or after eating at the restaurant.Do not let the exterior of the Dembel Building discourage you; go up to the 4th floor and enter the Vine Restaurant.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is very pleasant being surrounded by plants and so much greenery.One can escape from the hustle and bustle outside once sitting in the tastefully decorated terrace. The atmosphere is really one of the best among Addis restaurants but be aware there is no view since this is not a top floor. 

I had the pleasure of tasting the house special “linguine fresh salmon”. This is one of my favorite light, pastas. It also has the good fortune of being healthy! It’s all about simplicity and freshness. With fresh ingredients, salmon, and pasta, you practically have perfection on a plate.This is the perfect midweek supper – tasty salmon in a creamy sauce made extra special by a sprinkle of fresh shrimp eggs.

According to guests, even at the picket’s times of the day, the chef comes out to talk for a bit and to ask if they needed anything extra. The staffs are somehow knowledgeable of the menu and even recommend dishes.

If you have a plan to visit the restaurant any time soon click here and learn about my recent visit




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