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Monarch Hotel is a 4 star international hotel located around Bole Medhanealem. The hotel is at a walking distance from the Addis Bole International Airport, Medhanialem church, Edna Mall, and Bole road; the most high-end commercial and recreational capital of the city. 

Upon entrance, the outdoor terrace brings you an exquisite view during the day or the night time with its stunning natural stone bar and classic Italian canopied pergola. Although refreshing, the garden sitting and dining area can sometimes feel stuffed and the outdoor pool can be small for guests with a bigger imagination of the place.

Monarch means a king, queen, or emperor. The name was given to the hotel referring to the service philosophy of the hotel which is “treating customers like royalty”. The Menu at the restaurant offers a decent selection Entrée, main dish and dessert options both from the local and international cuisines.  Guests can enjoy their meals at the beautiful garden sitting while enjoying the excellent service provided by the staff.

During my visit to the hotel, I had the chance to taste their lasagna. The Lasagna at Monarch Hotel is a bit different because of the cheese they use to flavor the cooking. The chef uses Goda Cheese as a main ingredient by putting away the traditional mozzarella cheese normally used to cook lasagna. The fresh vegetables and spices used to prepare the meat sauce also gave it a delicious flavor blending with the white sauce.


If you have a plan to have lunch or dinner around Bole Medhanealem anytime soon, I suggest you visit monarch hotel. For more information, click here


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