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While you are on your way to Hayat Hospital, you will find a cozy and unique dinning spot called Merxy. The place is not that hard to find since it is located on the east side of the road. Although, finding a parking area can be quite a challenge. Upon entrance, you will find the history of Teff written on a medium size banner that resembles with an old goat skin manuscript.  I did not quite get the meaning of the name of the restaurant but it sure does sounds fascinating. The restaurant has an open kitchen setting that makes it easy for customers to see and enjoy whatever the chef is cooking.

One of the basic things that make this place unique is everything on the menu is made of one thing and one thing only- “Teff”!Teff French toast, Teff Waffle, Teff porridge and other Teff oriented meals are included on the menu.  Teff is a fine grain- about the size of a poppy seed that comes in a variety of colors, from white and red to dark brown. Teff predominantly grows in Ethiopia and has a very mild, nutty flavor and it packs a serious nutritional punch. Teff has an excellent balance of Amino Acids, and it is also high in protein, calcium and iron.

The concept of the well-known traditional porridge (Genfo) is totally altered at Merxy’s kitchen.  The Traditional Ethiopian Porridge is made from Wheat or Barley flour adding Kibe and berebere as a sauce. But at merxy’s Kitchen, it is made from ungirded Teff seeds using Avocado, Beans, Honey and mayonnaise as main ingredients.  It has a crunchy, acidic, and salty taste all at the same time but tastes and feels yummy.

If you are thinking about having a quiet and nutritious breakfast with your friends or loved ones, this is a place I recommend you to visit on a regular basis. 


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