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Welcome to Intercontinental Addis Hotel – a 4 star luxury hotel in Addis Ababa placed at the heart of Kassanchis area at Guniea Conakry Street and a 10 minutes’ drive from the airport. Kassanchis is a very secure area where one can find most of the basic items in a walking distance.

As you enter into the premises, you will be welcomed by a huge lobby with a grand celling. The direct sunlight that hits the lobby creates a fascinating feeling. But the lobby can be a bit tacky for someone who wants to enjoy more space and less décor.

“Warka” is the name of the restaurant at Intercontinental Addis Hotel Addis Ababa. Warka is a name for a native Ethiopian tree.  Many walk-in and in-house guests dine at the restaurant every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The menu at the restaurant offers a fair variety of French and Ethiopian inspired Modern and traditional cuisines adding a flavor of indigenous Ethiopian Spices. Couldn’t help but admire their ambition to promote Ethiopian Cuisines to the International customers dinning at the restaurant.

I was having a look around the kitchen, seeing what was new when these pearls caught my eye.  “Perl of Smoked Salmon” is one of the dishes they serve at the restaurant. The pearl is actually a ball of smoked salmon, filled with a mixture of sea food sauce made from Milk, Butter, Sage, Pepper, potato and escallops and is  displayed on a shell. The dish has a unique sticky taste like a gum but it was absolutely delicious.

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