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Type: Ethiopian
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Asham Africa is a Resort on the shore of Lake Bishoftu. This hotel has a remarkable view of Lake Bishoftu and brings the look and feel of the rest of Africa through the different African Art collection and African Dishes. The view from outside is not of a resort but more of a normal building. But, as you go to the restaurant and reception, you start to see the amazing scene which lies below the restaurant and rooms. 

Inside the Hotel, you find a gallery called Birhane Gallery that contains the largest collection of African Folk art. The location of the hotel, right on the edge of the lake made it excellent for relaxing and viewing the rich bird life. Although- Finding a decent parking spot can be a challenge.


This hotel is also well known for operating under environment friendly conditions. They recycle waste into biogas, use solar energy and, eventually, wind turbine to supply power to the hotel. This can set great examples for other industry peers.


Asham Africa means “Welcome to Africa”. Their menu contains local and international cuisines but they specialize more on African dishes unlike most restaurants we know and visit every day. Ceebu Jen from Senegal, Pepper soup from Nigeria, Ndola from Cameroon and Ugali from Kenya, Mafe from Mali and Jollofrice from Gambia etc are some of the dishes included on their last menu.

During my visit to this hotel and resort, I had the chance to try out some of their special dishes like ‘beef pot roast” – a colorful meat dish marinated in garlic, Wine and Rosemary served with freshly cooked vegetables. After mixing all the ingredients, the food is cooked for almost two hours on a frying pan covered with aluminum foil. The taste feels more of Homemade, just like a good mid-western mom meant it to be!

I recommend you to try this restaurant if you whenever you pass by Debrezeit for leisure.



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Africa Ave. Road, Snap Plaza

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