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Addis Ababa is a city of many adventures and wonders if you have time to go around and discover. The city offers dozens of recreational and dinning venues even in the most invisible places. As you walk down to wollosefer- Ethio China Friendship Avenue, Mina Building Ground floor, you will find a small café and restaurant called Dimple Café.

This place is named after the owner. Dimple is a small depression in the flesh, either one that exists permanently or one that forms in the cheeks when one smiles and is considered beautiful in many cultures of the world.Dimple Café is a place where you drop by to enjoy a regular cup of coffee or where office people grab a quick bite during lunch or after a long day at work.

From their selection of food items, the one that caught my attention was Dimple Shiro. Normally Shiro is a homogeneous stew whose primary ingredient is powdered chickpeas or broad bean meal. It is often prepared with the addition of minced onions, garlic and, depending upon regional variation, ground ginger or chopped tomatoes and chili-peppers. Shiro is served atop injera. Shiro is an essential part of the Ethiopian food culture.

At dimple café, they serve both vegan shiro which will be served with vegetables and tuna and non-vegan variations including a spiced clarified butter and minced meat. What made Dimple Shiro Different is its presentation. You normally eat shiro with your hands but this one is served like burritos and can easily be eaten by fork and knives without getting the hands dirty.  It’s also a good lunch box option for those who want to enjoy the meal without sitting at the restaurant.

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