About Yohanis

Ethiopian born Yohanis Gebreyesus Hailemariam, was brought up in Addis-Ababa. Fascinated with Ethiopia traditional food and ceremonies, he became, since early age very sensitive to the smell the mixture of spices his mother uses for her unique “family legacy recipe” for Ethiopian clarified butter.

Growing up in an authentic Ethiopian family, his education in the hotel management & culinary arts and hands-on experience both in the southern beaches cities of California (U.S.A) and the capital city of food Lyon (FRANCE), Chef Yohanis has developed a purpose-driven passion for fine-dining, global culinary technics and sourcing of quality products among the limitless variety that the global cuisine has to offer.

Our Mission


Chef Yohanis has hence embraced the mission to put his passion, experience and know-how at the service of globally spreading the benefits of Ethiopia’s unique “Terroirs” and making it claim its rightful place alongside the French gastronomy as satisfying UNESCOs’ criteria for “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity”.

Our Team


Chef YohanisExecutive Producer and Host
Thewodros HagosDirector
Zelalem DejeneProducer

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